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Choosing Presentation Visuals

Creating Visual Impact in Your Presentations

Most of us understand the impact of visuals in our presentation, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” after all. But when it comes to actually choosing and arranging the visuals in our deck, most of us fall flat. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of using visuals to support your story/pitch, how to choose them, where to source them and even how to weave them into your deck.

Presentation Designer's Toolbox

Design Tips & Tricks for the Non-Designer

You’re not a designer but work with presentations all the time? Even non-designers can learn actionable principles of design that will create more effective, compelling presentations.

Sales Presentations That Close Deals

Interactive Online Workshop + Feedback

92% of people who sit through a bad presentation have a negative reaction to your PRODUCT. Learn how to create a sales deck that complements your pitch. In this course, we review the common pitfalls that you should avoid when creating your Powerpoint. I’ll give you easy-to-implement strategies that will enable you to create a powerful deck that stands out from your competition and helps you close the deal.

Nonprofit Fundraising Presentations

Getting Support & Money for your Cause

This class is designed specifically to help non-profits create sponsor-ask decks. We’ll learn how to tailor your requests to the companies that you’re asking for help – including tapping into their Corporate Social Responsibility statements and finding the best evidence to support your case.

Presentation Fundamentals

Interactive Online Workshop + Feedback

This crash course in presentation design will teach you the fundamentals – from designing your deck to pitching it. We’ll cover story, content, evidence design and more. This workshop is for anyone looking to make their pitches better.

Startup Decks That Get VC Checks

Interactive Online Workshop + Feedback

Get a template for creating an effective investment deck for your early-stage startup. Learn what information investors are looking for and how to present it in an honest and compelling way.



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