The Skill is Understanding Which Sh*t to Keep

That's Where Braden Strategic Design Comes In

During the course of our careers, we are all faced with the need to create and deliver presentations. Presentation creation is not a skill that’s frequently taught in a business context or even highlighted as an important part of career advancement. However, an effective presentation can mean the difference between success and failure – whether it’s getting investment, securing a sponsor, winning a new client, or even gaining internal support for a new initiative. Learning the fundamentals of presentation design can help you elevate yourself from your peers and meet your goals.

There are 3 primary ways to work with us – via in-person workshops and corporate training, engaging in design consulting and execution on individual presentations, and via online webinars. We look forward to working with your team!

Corporate Training & Live Workshops

Braden Strategic Design Workshops

Our workshops are focused on teaching actionable principles of good presentation design – from startup founders to corporate leaders and sales teams. Our workshops are intensive, hands-on experiences that engage your team with your content to learn how to create effective presentations.

Design Consultation

Braden Strategic Design Consultation

We work with clients to create effective, compelling presentation materials – from powerpoints to corporate overview documents. We offer a tiered service that can meet any need – from concept to delivery. Our design team is happy to work with you to craft materials custom-suited to your needs.

Online Workshops

Braden Strategic Design Webinars

We’re so excited to announce our online webinars! To make our materials more accessible, we will be launching an online learning platform to bring the best of our intensive workshops directly to you. More information coming soon!



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