1hr Online Workshop w/ Q&A

Choosing Presentation Visuals

Choosing Presentation Visuals

About This Workshop

Most of us understand the impact of visuals in our presentation, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” after all. But when it comes to actually choosing and arranging the visuals in our deck, most of us fall flat. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of using visuals to support your story/pitch, how to choose them, where to source them and even how to weave them into your deck.

Who's It For?

This online workshop is designed for anyone who creates presentations and isn’t a presentation designer. This is an accessible workshop where we focus on fundamentals but dive into deeper concepts as we go. 

What to Expect

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the power of visuals, what’s happening in the brain when an image is on screen and how they can be effective in presentations. We’ll discuss the most common presentation visual fails, from stretched graphics to cheesy clipart and talk about how to avoid them. We’ll establish a rubric for choosing when to add visuals and discuss where to source them and how to place them.

What You Get

  • 1-hour online workshop
  • eBook – A Cheatsheet to Presentation Visuals
  • Follow-up Q/A session

Topics Include

  • Visual impact
  • Images and the brain
  • Types of visuals
  • The rise of the infographic
  • How to choose your visuals
  • Where to find graphics
  • Working with your visuals on-screen
  • and more!

Upcoming Dates

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