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Audio/Visual media is a great way to switch up your learning. I like to put a podcast on while I’m sitting on the train or

The Simple Riddle that 50% of Harvard Students Get Wrong


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Aside from the obvious fun of seeing how you stack up against the average Harvard student, this video is a fun look at how our brain processes information. To be honest with you, watching this video gave me pause out my presentation style. Touching on the fast thinking vs. slow thinking dilemma, this video suggests that information that’s hard to read and triggers cognitive load is actually more memorable. This is obviously counter-intuitive to the idea that presentations should be clear (both in content and design). Information that IS easier to read, however, is considered more reliable and trustworthy.

Check it out – at only 4 minutes it’s a fun watch!


Presentation Design in Education

by David Miller at TEDxUConn, 2013

This presentation by college professor, David Miller, is on the misuse of PowerPoint and Keynote presentations in education. Basically, the poor quality of slide presentation design in education is putting students to sleep! He makes a strong argument against the use of plain bullet slides in favor of more dynamic, engaging content.

The slide designs themselves are dated at this point (don’t use this as a slide design guide!), but the principles behind his presentation are solid and should still be applied.


What’s Your Story? 

by Michael Maser at TEDxSelfDesignHighSchool




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