We live in a world of limitless information, accessible any time of day from the comfort of our own homes. I believe there’s no education like a free education but I also know that the web can be a scary place full of noise and terrible information. Here are some of the resources I’ve collected over the years that have helped me be a better designer, storyteller and in some cases, person! If you have recommendations you think are worth adding, let me know!


Books & Blogs

Here’s some of my favorite reading material about design, presentation and startups. Even if you’re not specifically running a startup, I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the lean and iterative approach embraced by the startup world – it will help you understand the importance of learning and improving your work. See my recommendations. 


Videos & Podcasts

If you’re an audio/visual person this is for you. These videos are quick and inspirational and the podcasts make for great listening while you’re driving or commuting. Some of these are a little older, but still offer great insights into the world of design, presentation, startups or are just plain interesting for other reasons! See my recommendations. 


Online Courses

I am a firm believer in life-long education. I try to take a few online courses a year to keep myself sharp and continue learning and developing. Here are some of the courses that I’ve either taken myself or that come highly recommended by people I respect. Even if you don’t take courses for the grades or recognition follow along and learn! See my recommendations. 


Tools & Websites

I am a web tool junkie. I use a variety of tools and websites to help me in my business – from managing my internal operations to working with clients. I’m also a total subscriber to paying it forward – if I like your product I’m going to let people know. These are some of my favorites! See my recommendations. 



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