Online Courses

I’m a huge believer in lifelong learning and try to take at least a few online courses each year via edX and Coursera. You can take courses on both sites for certifications (woohoo feedback!). But there are also plenty of other sites out there that offer great online training, including HubSpot and TeamTreehouse.

Check back for recommended courses!

Hubspot Inbound Certification

Hubspot offers some great resources for marketing – and whats’s marketing if not user psychology. Pay particular attention to the videos on defining the Buyer Personas and Buyer Journey. These concepts will help you understand how to identify your audience. By identifying your audience you can start to cater your presentations to the right people and actually get results!



Team Treehouse Brand Identity Basis


Treehouse has started to branch out (pun totally intended) into more general non-technical/dev topics. And their design videos for beginners are really on point.

This video takes less than an hour an introduces you to working with a brand. It’s critical when developing a presentation to understand what your brand is and how clients (or potential investors) interact with and perceive it.



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