The Intersection of Visual Design & Communication

Design is the art of effectively communicating a message. I work to understand your brand and audience to determine the most effective way to get your message across. Above all I believe visual design should never interfere, only enhance. Here are some of the things that I enjoy getting paid to do.

Presentation Design

From startup investor pitches to board decks, I love the art of the presentation. Most of my writing focuses on creating effective, beautiful presentations. (see below for pricing on presentations)

Strategic Documentation

In the last three years I’ve been working with more established companies to shape their strategic vision and convey their roadmap in well-researched and clearly articulated documents.

Brand Packaging

I love helping companies establish or rethink their brand positioning! I create a brand guide that includes things like logo, color scheme, fonts, company voice and visual inspirations.


Let’s See If We’re A Fit

Next steps? Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together. We need to make sure that we like each other, I can add value to your project and that I have availability in my schedule. So reach out, no obligation!

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What I Bring To Every Project

If you're looking for a straight up designer, I'm not your gal. I take a wholistic approach to every project that I undertake, working on:

Strategic Thinking

Everything I design is crafted to drive your business goals and achieve a real outcome. My design process includes content revision, organization and clarification.

Visual Design

My background as a visual designer allows me to refine message and then apply awesome visuals that help support your argument without distracting from it.

Copy Writing

I help you craft effective text that’s clear, concise and essential to making your point. Text that’s consistent with your company voice and speaks to your target audience.


Your point is only as effective as its supporting evidence. I work to find the most compelling research possible (finally my history thesis comes in handy!).


Presentation Design

I love presentations! An effective presentation should be driven by content with visuals that emphasize the message. I offer a few design packages that are specific to presentations, outlined below. Take a look at these standard presentation packages that I offer (or contact me if your needs are outside these packages). I always offer a free consultation before we embark on a new startup deck. This ensures that I understand (and believe in) your product, market and team and that I understand your pitching needs. It also gives you the opportunity to make sure you’ll enjoy working with me!

To get more detailed information about each package please scroll down. For non-presentation work please just contact me to discuss and get a quote specific to your project.

Deck Cleanup

Best value


  • 1 Presentation
  • 20 Slides
  • 5 Hours
  • 1 Consultation Call
  • 2 Revisions





  • 1 Presentation
  • 15 Standard Slides
  • 12 Hours
  • 2 Consultation Calls
  • 3 Revisions


Pitch Deck

Strategy, Design & Prep


  • 1 Presentation
  • 25 Slides
  • 20 Hours
  • 3 Pitch Calls
  • 5 Revisions



Big Business

$1,500 / mo

  • 1 Project at a Time
  • Unlimited Slides
  • 12 Hours
  • As Needed Calls
  • As Needed Revisions


Here’s an overview of what you get with each package listed above. If none of these seem to make sense with what you’re doing, reach out to me for a consultation and we can talk through what your best options might be.  I understand that some pre-funded startups might not be able to afford these prices (been there, done that!). I’m always happy to meet new ambitious entrepreneurs and to talk about your options, and I might be able to suggest more affordable alternatives if you’re just starting out.

Deck Cleanup

Who it’s for: The deck cleanup package is for startups that have an existing deck and are comfortable with the core message. You should be working with (or have worked with) a pitch expert (or an accelerator) to ensure that your message is on-point. Your deck should have an existing design style (it doesn’t have to be perfect) and need visual only revisions.

What I do: After our consultation call (where you’ll pitch me your existing deck), I’ll do a visual cleanup of the deck and an overall reorganization of the material based on our discussion. As necessary I’ll add/suggest support evidence that strengthens the deck and remove information that doesn’t seem to be effective.

What you get: You’ll get the cleaned up version of either your PowerPoint or keynote deck with all elements fully-editable. Any images that require additional cost will be pre-approved.

What you can expect: A deck that will stand out from competitors and speak to potential investors. Your deck will be customized to your story (product, team, market) and will be supported by appropriate evidence. It will be geared towards your presentation style (e.g. if a big part of your pitch is your natural humor, we’ll play that up…in an appropriate way, of course).

Ongoing Support: A pitch deck is a living, breathing thing. Once I provide you with your deck we’ll continue to revisit it as you practice against it, get feedback and meet with real-life investors. I provide 5 revisions (within reason – if you go a whole new direction with the deck we’ll need to talk) up to eight weeks after the initial version is delivered. I want nothing more than your deck to get funded and will help you continue to refine it as you start meeting with investors.

Presentation Templates

Who it’s for: The template package is for startups who don’t yet have a pitch deck to work against. You may or may not already have branding/styling in mind. I’ll work with you to create a visual that is inline with your brand and create the basic pitch deck templates for you to edit as needed.

What I do: After our consultation call (where you’ll pitch me your existing deck), I’ll create the standard templates I believe will be most effective for your company.

What you get: You’ll get the templates in either PowerPoint or Keynote with all elements fully-editable and a one-page style guide for editing the templates moving forward.

What you can expect: A great looking deck that’s inline with your brand styling. An organized, compelling pitch that resonates with your audience and clicks with your presentation style.

Pitch Deck

Who it’s for: The Pitch Deck package is my full-service offering for startups looking for help with strategy, design and investor prep. With this package we’ll delve into the nitty gritty of your startup model. I’ll help you refine your offering to target your investors and polish your story for the highest appeal and authenticity.

What I do: After our consultation call (where you’ll pitch me your existing startup idea), I’ll work to understand your business model, product, team and market. Over the course of six weeks I’ll work with you to create a convincing model and supporting story that we’ll translate into your pitch deck.

What you get: You’ll get the templates in either PowerPoint or Keynote with all elements fully-editable; a one-page style guide for editing the templates moving forward; and up to 5 virtual pitch-prep sessions.

What you can expect: A refined startup model; research to support your product/market fit; a targeted message to appeal to the right investors; a great looking deck that’s inline with your brand styling; an organized, compelling pitch that resonates with your audience and clicks with your presentation style.


Who it’s for: Startups that are rapidly growing and seeking investment often need constant reevaluation of their presentation materials. If you’re working with a pitch coach, are in an accelerator program, or are mid-pivot a retainer relationship might be the most effective for you.

What I do: Taking one project at a time, I’ll work with you to stay tuned in to your company’s current state. We’ll make revisions to your presentation materials on the fly, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date content to put in front of potential investors and customers.

What you get: What you need – frequent updates to your content and its design.

What you can expect: My attention. With retainer clients I stay abreast of what’s going on with the business and what changes are happening. As you need me I’ll step in to tackle changes quickly. We can work on different projects throughout the month up to your hours, but you can only have one open project at a time.



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